Street Epistemology with Eddie (Deep Discussions)

Available in podcast format here: Eddie (atheist) tries some Street Epistemology on Robert. Let’s see how it goes. Eddie is a popular YouTuber who posts his Street Epistemology discussions on his channel here:

Thoughts on the Randal Rauser vs. Counter Apologist Discussion

Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of hosting an informal discussion between theologian and apologist Randal Rauser and The Counter Apologist, a prominent atheist/skeptic blogger. Near the end, I even got to take my moderator hat off for a second and have a bout with CA for twenty minutes or so. I have two primary ...

LIVE Tonight (9/15)! Christian theologian Randal Rauser in conversation with The Counter Apologist (atheist) about evidence for Jesus’ resurrection 1

Starts at 8:15pm ET. Come hang out in the live chat for what will surely be a lively discussion!