Vampire Weekend – Taxi Cab

My cover of Vampire Week – Taxi Cab. Been working on this one a looong time. This is the first time I’ve tried singing with my playing in a video, so hopefully my vocals are serviceable. You can download sheet music for my arrangement here.

An Untitled Movie Theme

I came up with this really sentimental-sounding theme that seems like it could be used as a movie theme. I didn’t really want to take the time to fully compose it (read: lazy), so I just improv’d around the basic idea I was going for.

Original Piece #1 5

  I’ve written about 5 complete piano solos in total, and I’m trying to notate and/or record each one. Here is the first one, written around the age of 12, with some small changes over the years. I had recently learned Für Elise by Beethoven when I wrote it, which inspired this piece to some ...

A tribute to one of my favorite movies 4

Starálfur – Sigur Rós 1

One of my all-time favorite Sigur Rós songs. I decided to make my own piano arrangement of it. You can download sheet music for my arrangement here.