Epistemology: 5 – From Engineer To Intuitionist

This will probably be the most important video in my series on epistemology. This is the one where I lay out in depth the core of my own personal epistemology. Also, if you happen to struggle with decision making, this video might help you with that too (or at least gain some clarity on how ...

Epistemology: 4 – Logic Always Wins 1

A further exploration into the idea that there are no true contradictions. If you’ve ever been frustrated with how religious people tend to embrace the irrational or illogical, you’ll sympathize with this episode. Available in podcast format on Apple Podcasts and other platforms.

Welcome to the RLW podcast!

Welcome to the RLW podcast!
You can find The RLW Show on any major podcasting platform, including Apple Podcasts. Although it’s starting simply as an audio version of my Introduction to Epistemology videos, I have some ideas of where I’m going to take it in the future, not least to host my Robert Interviews an Atheist series I already have been planning. Let ...

The God Delusion: The Roots of Religion and Morality (Chapters 5 & 6) 2

This post is part of a series on The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. The previous post covered Chapters 3 & 4 and the next post covers Chapters 7 & 8.   In continuing my discussion of Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion, we will be moving on to chapters 5 and 6 and talking about ...

Epistemology: 3 – A baseline epistemology (Part II)

In this video, I continue building out a baseline epistemology (i.e. one we probably can all agree on) by discussing Critical vs Naive Realism and why I think there are no true contradictions.

Epistemology: 2 – A baseline epistemology (Part I)

In this video, I give an outline of the entire series on epistemology as well as start building a baseline epistemology we can (probably) all agree on using concepts such as “I think therefore I am,” Realism, and Occam’s Razor.

Epistemology: 1 – What it is and why it matters

In this video, I dig into what epistemology is, why it matters, and even tell a joke along the way. Who knew I had such talents.


“Boundaries” is a concept that is talked a lot these days, in Christian communities not least because of the aptly named book by Cloud and Townsend, but also due to a range of self-help books dealing with how to say “No,” how to be assertive, and related topics. It’s obviously a very important concept of daily ...

The God Delusion: The Anthropic Principle and Boltzmann Brains (Chapters 3 & 4) 2

This post is part of a series on The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. The previous post covered Chapters 1 & 2 and the next post covers Chapters 5 & 6. Hello again, and sorry for the delay. The biggest reasons for it were a combination of Thanksgiving traveling and preparing for my band‘s first gig. If ...

Some Bitcoin Thoughts

I posted the below on Facebook last night, but then a few friends encouraged me to post this to here as well. These thoughts were off the top of my head so not super researched, but as I say below, I think they are broadly true at least in outline. (P.S. Next post on The ...