Peter Singer vs Andy Bannister on God, Atheism, and Morality

I recently watched the below excellent debate between Peter Singer and Andy Bannister on the question of objective morality, among other things.

I was particularly surprised to hear Singer, who is a famous atheist utilitarian moral philosopher, admit that he now believes that objective moral values do exist, possibly as Platonic objects (similar to mathematical objects). As I discussed in my latest post on The God Delusion, which deals with morality, some other atheist philosophers have taken a similar step in an attempt to salvage a robust moral ontology on atheism. This is quite unlike Dawkins who forges ahead into pure moral relativism, which to his credit seems the most logical route to go on atheism (at least on the surface).

I thought it was telling that, particularly near the end of the debate, Peter Singer sometimes seemed to talk in circles (at least a bit) when trying to explain how morals are real and binding on atheism. Overall though, I thought both Peter and Andy did a great job articulating their side, were charitable, and had a substantive discussion. Let me know your thoughts if you watch!