Robert Interviews An Atheist: Ryan Price

In this first edition of Robert Interviews An Atheist, I have the pleasure of chatting with Ryan Price, a thoughtful skeptic I encountered through comments on my blog posts. We had a substantive, friendly discussion ranging from what we value in the other “side,” free will, consciousness, and we even discussed our thoughts on the prominent Christian apologist William Lane Craig. Thanks for chatting, Ryan!

Ryan is also a musician / soundscape artist. Check out his work on YouTube.

As always, you can also find this episode available in podcast form here.

If you are interested in checking out William Lane Craig, his debates with Christopher Hitchens and Bart Ehrman are great ones to start with.

Note: I made a newbie Google Hangouts blunder and left the video on Ryan the whole time. I’ve done a Hangouts On Air in the past and didn’t have this problem, so not sure if something changed or I did something differently this time. Anyway, get used to see a lot of Ryan over the course of the video :). The audio is a bit uneven as well; something I’ll have to look out for in future episodes. While I’m being honest, I’ll go ahead and say that I definitely need to work on my delivery / presentation / professionalism of this. Part of the issue is I’m straddling trying to record a video discussion and also focusing on the audio-only as a podcast and I’m getting a bit distracted juggling things. Anyway, I think the content is solid and Ryan and I had a great, substantive discussion. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments if you watch!

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