LIVE DEBATE! Theories of Justice: Is Retribution Necessary? [Podcast]

I had the distinct pleasure of debating my friend Brandon Bartlett about philosophical theories of justice this past Saturday night. Brandon has a degree in philosophy and was a debate champion in high school, so he was definitely up to the task.

Does a person have to be punished for justice to be served? What is forgiveness then? What exactly happened on the cross during the atoning death of Christ? These were the sorts of questions we were trying to answer during the debate.

I think we had a pretty substantial exchange and generated lots of things to think about, and it seem at least the audience present enjoyed it. Let me know your own thoughts on the essential place (or lack thereof) of retribution in justice and in general what you thought of the debate! I’d definitely like to do something like this again in the future.

Available in podcast format here.

You can also leave me a voice message here, and I’ll try to respond to any questions in the next episode.

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