The Darkness of Doubt 8

Doubt sucks. It might be necessary, it might even be good, but at its worst it has also been probably the most painful thing I’ve experienced in my life so far. Unfortunately, I think it’s something unavoidable for me, since I do care a great deal about making sure that what I believe in is, ...

Original Piece #1 5

  I’ve written about 5 complete piano solos in total, and I’m trying to notate and/or record each one. Here is the first one, written around the age of 12, with some small changes over the years. I had recently learned Für Elise by Beethoven when I wrote it, which inspired this piece to some ...

A tribute to one of my favorite movies 4

Starálfur – Sigur Rós 1

One of my all-time favorite Sigur Rós songs. I decided to make my own piano arrangement of it. You can download sheet music for my arrangement here.